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Paktaş Platform A.Ş.

Established in 2001 as a family company, Paktas Platform Inc. today become the largest truck mounted platform manufacturer in Turkey. Our product range consist of truck mounted booms up, self propelled electric or diesel platforms, scissor lifts, fire fighting platforms and towing platform trucks. We are providing thousands of platforms, fulfilling vertical access requirements of a broad range of business sectors both public and private.

This success story has no secret. Our years of expertise and research brought us to a consistent quality and efficiency. We collaborate with the world renowned suppliers in every process of our construction to provide high quality machines that handles tough working conditions for much longer periods than our competitors.

Paktas Platform is well known for product durability. All dynamic and static forces result from platform operation is being 3D modeled and simulated to make our products ready for everything that is thrown at them.

Thanks to our fully automated robotic cutting and welding technologies, Paktas Platform is able to transform high quality materials to the strongest booms with precise engineering.

Exclusively made to Paktas standards, our electronic control systems not only turn operator's input into precise movements but also offer remote serviceability over internet no matter where your machines are and allow for 2-button user calibration when needed.

As of 2018, Paktas Platform operates in a 10.000 m2 factory with committed production areas for our diverse range of products. Our facilities include an R&D center continuously improving what we offer and a fully equipped service facilities to ensure thousands of Paktas machines are taken care of well.

We build beyond what we offer. Our custom production area allows us to create platforms tailored to the very specific demands of public and private contracts worldwide. We have successfully completed projects for static scissor lifts, rescue vehicles, crane platforms and much more.

Among our customers who purchase platforms more than once, Paktas Platform has an impressive customer retention rate of 87% with even higher rates for our exported units. This proves our efforts to provide reliable platforms are acknowledged worldwide.

We are committed to improve our platforms continuously and ready to support you in all of your vertical access requirements.